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Scholarship application

Southern Maine Oncology Nursing Society

Scholarship Application Guidelines and Form



  • The SMONS Board will grant scholarships during each year (October – September) for oncology-related educational pursuits.
  • Scholarships will be awarded to SMONS members in good standing.
  • All Scholarship Applications will be reviewed and discussed by the Board.
  • Monies awarded will be used for registration fees, travel, hotel etc.  Scholarships are given for ONS and Non-ONS educational activites.
  •  If you would like to apply for ONS Congress Scholarship, applications will be due Sunday, February 25, 2018, and recipients will be notified by March 1st .  Amount for ONS Congress will be up to $2000.00 
  • Individual members will be granted only one scholarship in a two-year period.
  • Scholarship awardees are expected to be of service to the group, i.e., a newsletter article, meeting presentation, board membership, planning committee for fall conference, service during a special event sponsored by SMONS within 6 months of the conference attended.
  • Return completed application to the SMONS Scholarship Committee Dana Greer at greerd@emhs.org or mail to 4 Dean Way Cape Elizabeth, ME 04107


Your Name: ___________________________________


Place of Employment: ________________________ Job Title: ______________________


Preferred Mailing Address: __________________________________________________


Home Telephone: _____________________ Work Telephone: _____________________


Program You Plan to Attend: _______________________   Amt. Req _______________


Date of Program: ______________________ Location of Program:  _________________


Program Sponsor:  _________________________________________



How will this program benefit you in relation to your current position? 











 How do you foresee being able to be of service to the membership as a result of this award?









Would you be able to attend the meeting without this scholarship?



Do you have any other funding for this conference? _________Amount:___________